UPDATE: GoDaddy and Anheuser-Busch to feature puppies in ads during Super Bowl XLIX

UPDATE 1-27-2015: As we predicted, you will notice that the YouTube GoDaddy ad referenced below is now set to private.

Within just hours of this posting the online dog loving community took to social media in an uproar over the message of the new GoDaddy ad. If you didn't see the video you can see it below.

It's obvious that GoDaddy really missed the mark with this ad creating a media backlash that consequently gave them a lot of publicity. GoDaddy CEO Blake Irving said in a tweet today...

Thank you @animalrescuers for the candid feedback. What should have been a fun and funny ad clearly missed the mark and we will not air it. — Blake Irving (@Blakei) January 27, 2015

Two big questions: Was this stunt planned by GoDaddy and will this fiasco hurt their business or help it.

UPDATE 1-28-2015: In the shadow of the GoDaddy backlash, this morning A-B Budweiser released their new puppy themed Super Bowl commercial that will air during the Sunday broadcast.



Puppies sell, so it seems there will be no shortage of utilizing pets to sell products and services during the Super Bowl. GoDaddy, previously known for their risque ads featuring Danica Patrick, will be striving to appeal to a broader audience by featuring puppy, Buddy.

In December, GoDaddy held a social media contest to name the puppy, which was selected and announced the day the commercial was shot in December. The company officially named the puppy Buddy as the company's "chief companion officer" and has given Buddy his own office — with couch and doggy door — at the company's Scottsdale, Arizona headquarters.

According to USAToday, GoDaddy's chief marketing officer, Barb Rechterman, vows that the 30-second ad has a serious twist that goes well beyond a cute puppy finding its way home. "We know that puppies hit an emotional chord with people," says Rechterman. She also notes, "Puppies garner more news media coverage. And we want to get the spot watched."

But the end of the commercial will surprise you as GoDaddy targets small online businesses, and may strike a negative cord among dog lovers, rescue volunteers and the plethora of online dog lovers who consistently discourage individuals from selling/buying puppies online. Will the GoDaddy puppy commercial backfire?

Another prolific Super Bowl advertiser Anheuser-Busch, known for their consistent, adorable, 'tug at the heart strings' commercials featuring their Clydesdales and dogs, may strike a friendlier cord with dog lovers.

While the commercial hasn't been released, and won't be until the big event this Sunday, A-B has been offering teaser gifs and photos. The Budweiser ad, “Lost Dog,” will feature the world-famous Budweiser Clydesdales and their favorite companion. In the spot, the Budweiser Clydesdales will tell an emotional story and help a puppy who has lost his way learn the true meaning of friendship. "We've turned to animals in our ads because they help universalize our storytelling," says Brian Perkins, vice president, Budweiser. "To us, it's less about puppies specifically, and more about how the Budweiser Clydesdales and their friend, the puppy, help us tell a story around (the) quality (of) our beer."

Here is a small sneak peak:

Super Bowl ads in 2015 will cost approximately $4.5M for a 30-sec spot, up $500K from 2014.

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