How do we work together?
  1. First call or email to set a time for a free consultation to discuss how I may be able to help you. We'll discuss your business, your current means of marketing and explore ideas. The call will take approximately 15-25 minutes.
  2. When we have our plans for working together finalized and a project scope, I'll email you a short letter of agreement that outlines the work I will do for you - whether its consulting or a specific project(s), and the estimated cost.
  3. Once you return the signed letter of agreement, I may need you to email me documents relating to your business, then I get started on your project.
  4. Communication is key to a successful partnership, so we will be in contact with each other throughout the project, discussing it's progress and more.
  5. Once the project is complete and you are satisfied, I will either bill you for the entire project, or bill you throughout the project depending upon it's length and scope. This information will be included in your estimate.
  6. That's it! And you are on your way to building your business.
Do you work locally and nationally?

Yes! Whether you are local or national I can be very efficient and productive in helping you with your marketing. For many years, I have worked with many satisfied clients in this manner. We will be in constant communication through email and phone.

Do you charge by the hour or by the project?

I can work either way. If you are looking to work within a budget, I would be happy to put together an estimate range for whatever project you need and then charge just within that range. My experience in helping my clients has given me the knowledge I need to accurately project my time. This format works well with most all of my clients.

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