More products and news from Global Pet Expo 2008!

According to the folks at Global Pet Expo...
Unique New Pet Products were Unveiled at Global Pet Expo 2008!

Pet doorbells, motorized treadmills for your dog, a sweatshirt and pet carrier all-in-one, and a cat toy that lets you play with your pet even while you’re on vacation and so much more…

The most innovative and unique pet products were showcased at Global Pet Expo 2008, the pet industry’s largest annual trade show in San Diego, February 14-16, 2008.

Here’s a look at just some of the brand new products that will be unveiled at Global Pet Expo 2008 in San Diego, California, February 14-16, 2008:
  • Radio Systems Corporation’s new SMART Pet Doorbell will bring a new world of convenience to both dogs and their pet parents! The SMART Pet Doorbell is a pet-activated doorbell that signals the pet owner when the pet wishes to go outside or to come back inside.Radio Systems Corp.
  • The ScoopFree Ultra by Lucky Litter LLC is a high-tech, self cleaning litter box that keeps your cat’s health and well-being in mind. The ScoopFree Ultra is totally automatic, maintenance free and hands off between litter cartridge changes so cat parents can skip cleaning the litter box for weeks at a time. A health counter automatically monitors the number of times your cat uses the litter box, while the adjustable rake delay allows you to manually set the rake’s timer to whatever time you choose.A privacy hood keeps litter in its place. Lucky Litter LLC.
  • Hyper Products’ Bark ‘n’ Bat will provide both dog and pet parent with hours of endless fun! The bat features a hands-free pick-up – pick up the ball, then flip and hit! Good exercise for everyone!Hyper Products.
  • Worry no more about your cat getting lonely when you’re gone!Cat Dancer Product’s new Mouse in the House is the first automatic cat toy that is designed to turn itself on, call your cat and then play with them while you’re gone.A computer chip has a programmable timer which turns the toy on at intervals, stimulating the cat and encouraging exercise!Cat Dancer Products.
  • Great news for fish hobbyists!Casco Group’s brand new state of the art Ocean GEOtronic® year round temperature regulating devices will take the guesswork out of trying to keep a stable temperature in your aquarium. The Ocean GEOtronic® models are the most advanced and there are NO thermal shocks, NO annoying vibrations, NO use of gas and NO compressor noise.The models are also cost efficient and environmentally supportive.Casco Group.
  • PetZen Products LLC’s new DogTread is a motorized exercise treadmill for your dog.DogTread is made especially for pets that are city dwellers or have other circumstances that do not allow for that daily walk on the trails. PetZen Products LLC.
  • Put your small animal’s health first with Special Waters’ new Vitamin Drinks for hamsters and guinea pigs.Water Little Hamsters and Guinea Pigs is a mineral water, enriched with vitamin C and E and natural carrot extract.Developed by veterinarians, Water Little Hamsters and Guinea Pigs is your ideal daily drink for these animals.Special Waters SAS.
  • Play it safe with Zoombak’s Advanced GPS Dog Locator. Using Assisted Global Positioning System (A-GPS), which utilizes both satellite and cellular technologies, Zoombak can help to more precisely and reliably determine the location of your Zoombak Locator.ZoomBak LLC.
  • Let your dog hear your voice, even when you’re away! Contech’s new ChatterBowl is a talking pet bowl, so your dog can hear your voice any time it wants. The ChatterBowl is a high-quality food bowl that records your voice, and plays it back when your pet approaches. Just record your message (up to 10 seconds) and your voice will play whenever your pet comes to eat or drink. Ideal for free feeding or as a water dish, the ChatterBowl helps keep your best friend company, even when you’re away from home. Contech Electronics.
  • Doggles’ new Cast of Characters™ dog toys are just that – characters! Made out of durable cotton canvas, choose from a beat up black cat, a bandaged squirrel, a scuffed up green duck and more! These fun toys also have squeakers! Doggles.
  • Smell Goodies, by Pet Mint LLC, is a unique all-natural tablet that deodorizes both breath and coat odors in dogs! The product works with a dog's digestive system to neutralize "doggie odors" before they are emitted through the dog's breath or secreted onto its coat. Pet parents no longer have to worry about doggie smells getting on their expensive furnishings, bedding and carpets.Pet Mint LLC.
  • The Birdie Basketball Gym is an interactive must for your bird! Teach your bird to make a basket and a treat is automatically dispensed.Complete with agility rings and dumbbell. Nature’s Instinct.
  • Multivet International Inc.’s The SlimCat™ is an interactive toy that helps combat feline obesity.The SlimCat™ attracts cats with the element of play and rewards them with an adjustable, appropriate portion of food.Included with the SlimCat™ is a detailed guide to teach pet parents about the risks of cat obesity. Multivet International, Inc.
  • My Petshirt, by Pet Creations is a sweatshirt and pet carrier all-in-one for small breeds!My Petshirt has a built-in pouch with a soft lining for your pet’s comfort and so your pet can be close and secure while you’re on the go. Pet Creations.
Other news from the event:

Skamper-Ramp® Introduces the Super Skamper-Ramp®
Pre-biotic Eliminates the Bacteria which Cause Dental Plaque and Odor in Pets As Seen at the Global Pet Expo

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