News: Grab a Slice of the Stimulus Pie.

An interesting article from Pet Product News International discusses how pet retailers and other pet providers have an opportunity to 'grab a slice' of Economic Stimulus package:

Grab a Slice of the Stimulus Pie

Federal legislation could provide tax benefits and increased sales - By Deanna Glick

Thanks to the federal government, taxpayers will soon have more money to spend. And there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be doing that in pet stores.

With a little marketing savvy and simple promotions, retail experts say pet stores could easily grab a slice of the $152 billion Economic Stimulus package passed earlier this year in an effort to rev up the nation’s sputtering economy.

The measure will provide a total of about $106 billion in tax rebate checks, due in mailboxes beginning this month, including up to $600 per working individual and $1,200 per married couple plus $300 per child for families with children. The legislation also provides new tax incentives for job-creating business investments.

According to the National Retail Federation, most of the money will be used to pay down debt or bulk up savings accounts. But about 40 percent of it—nearly $43 billion—will find its way into the marketplace. Those in the pet industry say retailers should start working now to see that some of it spent in their stores.


Photo courtesy of Dani Lurie.

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