Never give up!

Throughout the week, I talk with a lot of my pet business clients.

Some are hopeful, but don't know how to grow their business. And some are discouraged about the lack of progress they are making in either getting their business off the ground or building their business and increasing sales.

I came across a very inspirational article today. It's the story of how the ever popular Kong got it's start. Seems it wasn't an easy start for the Kong Company, by any means. But with a 'never give up' philosophy, perseverance, persistence, and patience - the company is now one of the most successful pet businesses in the World.

Here's an excerpt from the article:
One day in 1970 while (Joe) Markham--a partner in a Yamaha motorcycle shop--was working on a Volkswagen, Fritz (his GSD) picked up an automobile part and came and dropped it on Markham's foot. "The part had a metal bracket and a rubber gizmo that looks pretty close to the Kong we have today," Markham says. Thus, the idea for the modern day Kong was born.

Today, over 50 million Kongs have been sold and you'd be hard pressed to find a doggie household without one.

But at the beginning, Markham had a difficult time getting any pet stores to recognize the Kong's potential in the marketplace. It would take hard work, perseverance, and time before Markham made his first sale in 1976.
You can read more here.

Moral of the story? If you have a product or service that you believe in, pursue it. And don't give up. Success may not happen overnight, it will take a lot of work, determination, time, patience, advice and more - but you can do it!

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