Pet business marketing in tough economic times

There is no doubt that times are tough. The economy is severely hampering many businesses. So, what's a business to do?

I was meeting with a new prospect yesterday and we talked a lot about their marketing - what they've done in the past and sharing ideas about what they need to do for the future. But most importantly, we talked about the tough economy and how it is effecting their business, their marketing plans, and how they can still market with the resources they have and meet the goals they need to survive, and even thrive, in this desperate business climate.

One important item I shared with my prospect may or may not surprise you; what I see regularly from businesses is that during tough times, marketing is frequently the first to go. Many businesses believe that marketing is expendable during tough times. But in reality getting the word out about your business has never more important than during downs in the economy. You are now fighting, and fighting hard, for prospective customers, customers and customer loyalty.

During tough times, connecting with your current and prospective customers has never been as important as it is now. Businesses must provide the highest levels of customer service, have the utmost respect of prospects and customers, stand out from the competition, and build awareness and connect with prospective and current customers; because if they don't, those prospective customers and current customers will go somewhere else to fulfill their needs.

But how do you market when you have less resources? I say, market smart.

During my meeting with my potential client yesterday, I talked a lot about 'grass roots marketing.' What is 'grass roots marketing?'

'Grass roots marketing' is building awareness of your company from the ground up, connecting with customers the way they communicate, it's creative, it's personal - and the biggest benefit is you will learn much more about their wants and needs, you will be exchanging ideas, you will learn about your products and services and how they may or may not fulfill your customers needs.

By analyzing your business, your competition, your resources, your marketing options, and then taking that information to formulate a good 'grass roots marketing' plan that not only meets your goals, but meets your budget, really is possible. You just need good, experienced advice to help you. Contact Pawsible Marketing today to find out more.

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