Get the most out of your Holiday season!

Now is the time for Holiday sales!!! Are you ready?

"The majority of online retailers expect strong sales this holiday season,"according to a recent survey by the National Retail Federation’s Digital Division,

In another recent article, a USA Today analyst indicated, "purchases of TVs, jewelry, recreational vehicles and pet supplies are growing robustly, government data show."

"Organic dog food, timed cat food dispensers and other high-end pet items are driving healthy increases in spending, says Bob Vetere, president of the American Pet Products Association. "People are cutting back on themselves more than they're cutting back on pets."

"Pet products illustrate how some consumers are going high end and others low end. Cheap pet food is selling briskly, reflecting the weak economy, at the same time costly items are thriving," he says. "It's the middle of the market that's shrinking," he Vetere.

All very good news for our industry!

Hopefully you've prepared all your Holiday products in the stores, you've worked with retailers on product displays and promotions, you've lined up all your clients, and how do you get the most of your Holiday season? Make it work! (as Tim Gunn would say). But how?

The Holidays are all about grabbing attention, getting noticed above the noise, and deals, deals, deals...especially in this down economy. Here are my favorite Holiday promotion tips for retailers, service providers and manufacturers:
  • Promote, promote, promote! Whatever you are offering, make sure people know about it. Remember that it takes many touches for someone to actually even notice you. Don't be shy, but don't overdo your promotion either. Walk the fine line.
  • Hold a contest or event to draw people to your store or product. Photo contests are very overdone at Holiday time. Come up with a creative, fun and enticing contest or event to drive traffic. Start with a Holiday theme promotion that will carry you through the entire holiday season and help you market utilizing all the tactics in your arsenal.
  • Don't forget the less fortunate this holiday season. Work in a charitable element to your promotions or events if you are a retailer or service provider, it will help the pets in need and get you noticed as well. And if you're a manufacturer, work with your retailers in helping raise funds for unfortunate pets within their area or community!
  • Work with brick 'n mortar retailers if you are a manufacturer to offer coupons and deals to their that loyalty that will last over time.
  • If you're online, offer free shipping. Free shipping will be 'the deal' all pet lovers will be looking for to save them time and money during the busy Holiday season.
  • Use Facebook to promote a contest, event, coupon deal or special offer! Incorporate them 'liking' your page to build a strong base of long term followers.
  • Offer deals on Twitter. A short sweet coupon code will draw attention and drive traffic and sales.
  • Don't forget your email list...use it to offer special deals, offers and promotions to past and future customers.
  • Work your social media sites together to take full advantage of getting the word out. Start with your blog or Facebook to announce your deal, special offer, contest or event. Then promote though your other sites. Remember to drive them to your website to purchase!
  • Cross promote your Holiday promotions through all types of online and offline marketing tactics to further your reach.
  • Don't forget the "would you like fries with that" upsell marketing tactic that can increase the incremental individual sale.
  • Limit your deals and promotions to convince potential customers to act and buy now.
  • Make your website a special holiday door that opens to amazing deals, offers, education and fun! Create a holiday destination just for pets and draw people back time and time again though the Holiday season.
  • Promote your events and contests through the local and online media. Ask a media celebrity to be a judge, and/or work with your local media to do an onsite broadcast.
  • Set up a calendar to organize your promotions throughout the Holiday season, it will keep you on target, organized and make promoting easier during this busy time.
Now, get busy and make this Holiday season your best in years!

If you need assistance, we're here to help you create a last minute, all conclusive, holiday plan that will help you maximize your sales for the best potential holiday season possible. Just send us an email to get started.

Here are a few things we can specifically help you with:
  • Learn how you can effectively communicate with your individual audience through the holiday season and drive more sales.
  • Get a great list of creative, fun, traffic building promotions and suggestions for your individual business.
  • Receive a review of your currently holiday plan and learn how you can improve to maximize your sales and services; and get the most of the holidays.
  • Get unique and individualized marketing tips and ideas to focus your holiday plan specifically to your audience and build traffic to your site, your product and your store.

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