How to set up your new pet business Facebook Timeline in five easy steps

If you have a Facebook business page, you may be aware that Facebook is migrating those business pages to the new Timeline.

Currently, you have the option of migrating to the new Timeline, however on March 30th, Facebook indicates that all fan or business pages will automatically receive the new design.

Here we've put together the five easy steps to migrate your page to the new Timeline, simply and easily:

Here is an example of the new Timeline on Pawsible Marketing's Facebook Business Page. Click to enlarge.

1. Login and navigate to your Facebook page. At the top you will see the message about the new Timeline. Click preview to set up your new look. You can set up your new look without anyone noticing until you click 'publish now'.

While in preview, click 'add a cover' to upload an image for the top of your Timeline. This is a great opportunity to promote your product and/or the branding message of your pet business, but not the place for specials, advertisements. Recommended size of this image is 851 x 315px.

2. Check your profile photo and upload a new image if the sizing is off. This is a where we recommend you place your pet business company logo. Sizing should be 180x180px.

3. A nice change in the new Timeline is the ability to create a custom tab image for apps. These app images are just under the cover photo shown with photos and likes. First, create a custom image for your app (size is 111 x 74px). To upload the new image to represent that app on your Timeline, click on 'admin panel' then 'manage' and select 'edit page.' Select 'apps' on the left, and then select 'edit settings' for the app. Next to 'custom tab image' select change and upload your new image.

On your Timeline page you can also rearrange the apps to the order you would like. Photos and Likes will stay in the same place. To rearrange the apps, simply click the arrow to the right of all the apps and it will populate all your apps in a box. Click the 'pencil' in the upper right corner of each app to move or 'swap' position.

4. You can “pin” status updates to keep them at the top of your updates for up to 7 days. To do this, hover to the right of the top of your status, and click the 'little pencil' to pin a post at the top. You can also 'highlight' a post and make it two columns at the top. Click the * at the top of the post to highlight. This is a great way to highlight a giveaway, fan of the week, contest and more special promotions.

5. This has come and gone over the years, but we are seeing this morning the 'share' button. This will provide you the ability to share your Facebook Page with your personal Facebook friends and family. To share, click the arrow next to the 'Message' to the right of your profile photo. There is a drop down option to share your page.

Other changes and what's gone:
  • As of this date, you are not allowed to select a default tab as a landing page.
  • Custom tabs are now 780px wide inside Facebook’s container which is 850px wide, with a 35px left margin, larger than before.
  • Left navigation for apps and tabs is gone, replaced with the apps listed after the photos and likes images under the cover photo.
  • Reduced size of the profile photo.
  • Thumbnails at the top of the previous page are gone.
Once you have completed customizing your new Timeline, just press publish for it to go live.

Have fun!

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