Free tools to help you monitor your pet business website uptime and downtime.

When your website goes down, it can really affect your business. That's why I have monitoring services on all of my websites.

There are free services you can use to notify you when your website goes down and when it goes back up. I highly recommend them so that you don't have to worry, monitor yourself, and know the instant your site is down, so that you can investigate.

Here are three free services you can use to monitor your pet business website: - this is the one I use on my main site. One monitored site is free and you can pay a few dollars a month for multiple sites.

Ding It's Up - another free site that monitors sites. I haven't tried this one, but will be I will try out with one of my sites in the near future. With this service you can get alerts via email, text and Twitter. - another free service for website monitoring, not only uptime/downtime, but application monitoring as well.

We highly recommend you use one of these, and save you time and worry.

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  1. Thanks Leslie for the links to the site monitoring tools. A quick question for you...I'm not sure if you've run into this problem yourself or with any of your clients, but I'm wondering at what point in time would you recommend changing or upgrading your hosting service. For instance when should I go from shared hosting to VPS to a dedicated server? I know there are many variables, but what would you say is a ballpark # of unique visitors? I'm mainly wondering because I think I might be getting close to an upgrade.



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