A little secret to help you look more photogenic in photos for your pet business

It's all about the jaw!!!

I can't count the number of times I've had to tell a client to have their photo taken for their website and heard the grunts and groans because; a) they hate getting their photo taken; and b) they never like how their photos turn out. And I can't count the number of times that I've worked with executives, and photographers, to get the best shot for these execs to represent their brand.

Well, here's a little secret that I've used over the years with clients and with myself to get a good photo nearly every time. And it's all about the jaw. This video (below) explains everything you need to know to have a great photo taken  to best represent your pet business.

You'll notice in my photo (above) that I have a black turtle neck on. I sometimes have a bad habit of not following my own advice, especially in quick, candid shots. So what do I do? I wear a black turtle neck (weather permitting of course) and then it's even easier to tilt your forehead down just a little to accent your jaw line, better define your face and give you a confident, poised and easy look.

It just so happened that on a very nice day in November last year, I took YoYo and Gracie hiking to a popular trail. After hiking four miles, we gathered with other hikers and swapped hiking stores. During a lull in the conversation, one of the other hikers grabbed my camera and said, 'I have to get a photo of you and your two dogs!' I knelt down, tilted my forehead forward, smiled, and voila, a nice candid shot with my best four legged friends. It was just luck that I had on my black turtle neck that day.

Enjoy the video and info...and if you are in a hurry, just skip through the vid to the 7:00 mark for a quick overview.

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