One of the most important Facebook tips you can utilize for your pet business.

As I visit pet business Facebook pages throughout the week, I frequently see one glaring improvement I wanted to share with you that can greatly improve your Facebook page, get you website more traffic, and increase sales.

It's a little known tip for many and if you found it, congratulations! If you haven't here it is...

In the About section of your Facebook page, that appears just under your Profile photo, is a small text area where you can share info about your company.

But what many people don't know is that you can also add a clickable link to your website in this location (local business pages excluded). (See an example image below, click to enlarge).

The best information you can place here is your branding statement - what you provide and to whom, what makes your stand out from the crowd, and what makes your pet business the best in it's category! Then add a clickable link, (with the http://) so that visitors can go right to your website when they are ready, making it very accessible to increase sales..

To adjust this section of your Facebook page, simply click 'Edit Page' in your Admin Panel, and click on 'Update Public Info,' then click on 'Basic Information' and you will see the 'short description'
box where the information is pulled to appear on the front page of your Facebook page.

Keep the sentence simple, quickly read, with a little wow and punch to draw in your prospective customer, then add the clickable link and see the increase in traffic to your website.

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