DVR Alert: CNBC airs "The Profit," featuring pet business, LA Dogworks

Beginning this Tuesday, August 13th, CNBC will begin airing "The Profit," featuring a variety of businesses that are in dire need of help to survive.

In the series, Marcus Lemonis, the founder of multi-billion dollar company, Camping World, searches and finds struggling businesses that are desperate and ripe for help. Over the years, Lemonis has successfully turned around over 100 companies, and now he is bringing those his skills and over $2 million of his own money to CNBC to help these struggling businesses.

Each episode, features Lemonis making a cash offer to a fledgling business for a percentage of the profits, and brings his expertise to help them get back on track to making a profit..

These episodes may be very helpful to pet related business looking for ways to bring their business to the next level. Upcoming episodes include:

08/13/2013: The Profit #3 - Planet Popcorn
08/20/2013: The Profit #4 - Eco-Me
08/27/2013: The Profit #5 - LA Dogworks
"LA Dogworks was started up by an eccentric hothead who built a state-of-the-art dog care facility that's second to none. But that volatile leadership has created terrible morale which now threatens to dismantle the entire business. Serial entrepreneur Marcus Lemonis thinks LA Dogworks could be a flagship facility; the first of many. But to build the business, he'll have to see if he can tame its owner."
For more information visit "The Profit" website on CNBC.

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