Why buying Facebook likes is a really bad idea for your pet business

Over the past year, I've noticed more and more pet businesses purchasing 'likes' on Facebook.

While it may seem like a good idea to spend a little money on Fiverr, or hire a company promising 1000's of new Facebook likers for a few hundred dollars, lets take a look at what you are really getting and why buying Facebook likes is a really bad idea.

Many of the companies that offer the purchase of Facebook like, Twitter followers, YouTube views and more, may say that they are offering real followers, but in reality they are either offering;
  • 'Fake' likers from fake Facebook and other social media accounts, or;
  • Likers from Facebook and other social media like farms, almost always from foreign countries.
Often I can tell when a pet business Facebook page has purchased likes. How? I click the likes link on their Facebook page, and see the growth of their likes. If there is a huge, sudden spike in like growth, it's a sure sign that the page purchased likes. To confirm, I look at what country the majority of their Facebook likes are coming from, and sure enough, it's usually a country that isn't even part of their market, like Pakistan, Taiwan, India, Korea and more.

What happens to your Facebook page over time when you purchase fake and false Facebook likes? Several things, including:
  • You will most certainly loose large amounts of followers in subsequent weeks as Facebook deletes these fake accounts, or
  • You will loose many followers because they actually have no interest in your product or service.
  • Also, there is a significant danger of receiving a large amount of spam on your Facebook page from these fake likers, and
  • This unnatural demographic on your Facebook page will make it much more difficult in targeting your real prospective target market when you decide to utilize Facebook advertising.
And there are more reasons buying Facebook likes is a really bad idea:
  • Those new 'likers' will have absolutely no interest in your pet business, or the products and services you offer.
  • You've wasted several $100 in marketing to people that have no interest in your products, where you could have spent those valuable marketing funds targeting your prospective and current consumer base.
  • Purchasing likes is many times very obvious to your fan base; and a sudden, dramatic increase in your likes could be publicly noted creating mistrust in your pet business.
  • Buying fake likes on Facebook may create a perception that your business doesn't know what they are doing and is a bit unethical in nature, creating unwanted, negative views from your prospective and current customer base.
What types of Facebook likers, Twitter followers and YouTube viewers do you really want? You want followers that:
  • Are real, engaging individuals
  • Want and need your pet business product and/or service
  • Will talk about and discuss your product/service, and recommend it to others
There are several good ways to increase your Facebook and other social media followers and likes, targeting those individuals that will want/need your pet business product and/or service.

Pawsible Marketing can help you learn how and understand the many ways that your pet business can increase your likes and followers on social media the right way. Feel free to contact us for a free 30 minute consultation about we can help you create a Facebook or other social media page that your prospective and current customers will love and engage with; ultimately helping you increase sales and build your pet business brand.

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  1. I had hired an account manager for my Facebook page to help me manage my page due to lack of time. He did a really good job by posting pictures and such, but didn't seem to actually touch my client base. I let him go, then I read your article and it just confirmed what had been nagging me in the back of my mind. I will definitely take the time to mind my own Facebook page from now on



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