Kane and Couture pitches the sharks on Shark Tank this Friday.

The second episode of Season 5 of Shark Tank this coming Friday, 9 PM ET, will feature Amber Lee Kane pitching her company, Kane and Couture and her line of dog collars, leashes, harnesses, dresses, shirts and more.

Over the various seasons and episodes there have been six companies pitching pet related products, with only three of them getting deals with the sharks.

Pet business that received deals with the sharks include:
  • "CityKitty" Toilet-training product for cats - Season 2, Episode 8 
  • "I want to draw a cat for you" An online service that creates and delivers custom cat drawings - Season 3, Episode 2 
  • "Ryan's Barkery" all-natural dog treats - Season 4, Episode 26
Those that didn't receive deals include:
  • "The Bear and The Rat" dog-friendly frozen yogurt - Season 4, Episode 7 "No Fly Cone" dog excrement fly trap - Season 4, Episode 8
  •  "Cornucopia" a veterinarian who created pet food that he claimed could extend a pet's life - Season 1, Episode 9 
  • "Bark’em’s To Go" Pet Food To-Go - Season 3, Episode 10
Check your local listings for specific times in your area, and if you miss the episode on Friday you can view it on the Shark Tank website.

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