The elements that make up a great logo for your pet business or pet product.

Back in the Internet heyday, as VP of marketing for a new tech start-up, one of my first orders of business was to reinvent the company's name, logo and product names and logos, and build their brand in their specific marketplace.

Over the years I've helped many pet business with naming their business, naming their products and consequently helped them invent and/or re-invent their logos to build their brand.

With all the pet products and services hitting the market, a great logo (and a great business and/or product name) is essential to your pet business, and it's acceptance and ability to stand out in a crowd.

Whatever logo you decide upon, it must have the ability to:
  • Instantly relate to your key prospective and current customer.
  • Appeal to your target demographics.
  • Define what your business does and can do in the future.
  • Tell your audiences who your company is and what it stands for.
  • Endure (with slight modifications) for the life of your business and/or product/service.
  • Inspire all the elements that end users want in a pet product/service company - trust, loyalty and implied superiority.
  • Be identifiable.
  • Be versatile.
  • Be appropriate.
  • Be memorable and unique.
Creating a logo (as well as company name, and product/service name) is one of the most important and challenging aspects of marketing your pet business.

What are the key elements to consider when creating your company and/or product logo?
  • Keep it simple. Simple designs stand out, are clean, more memorable and are more instantly recognizable to the audience.
  • Consider all media where your logo will be seen and appear including business cards, your website, social media, on your product packaging and more.
  • Avoid your logo being literal and work toward it being hypothetical, speculative, imaginative and theoretical.
  • Plan for the future. Over time you may need to re-invent and re-format your logo to change with trends. 
  • Keep in mind that different colors, shapes, words, symbols and fonts/typefaces provide different impressions to individuals. Research and utilize elements that speak to your audience (demographics) by taking into consideration what your company does, and what your customers and prospective customers want and need.
  • Take into consideration your competitive advantage. A good logo can give the impression to help your pet business (and product/service) stand out from the sea of competition.

There is a process that creative types go through to create, design and develop a great logo. Contact Pawsible Marketing today to get ideas on how we can help you with your company logo (or product/service) logo.

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