Our top seven sites to find free use images for your pet business marketing

Eye catching, strong, luring, powerful images can make or break your brand.

Purchasing photos for your pet business can be expensive if you need them for a wide range of uses from your website and blog, to your marketing materials, social media and more.

There are some wonderful free use image sites that we use for a wide variety of projects for our clients, and for our own use.

Here are our top seven websites where you can find free use photos, for personal and commercial use, with no attribution required:

Pixabay is our favorite site to use. They have a wide range of wonderful images (vector, drawings and photos) of all types of animals, all public domain, all for use in personal or commercial applications, without attribution.

Free Range Stock has high quality stock photos for commercial and non-commercial use. For free.

Pickupimage allows free download of high quality premium free stock images and public domain photos. You can copy, modify, distribute and perform the work, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission. 

Pexels allows copying, modifying and distributing photos. they are free for personal and commercial use.

MorgueFile - On occasion we'll use this site, also with images free for use for personal or commercial purposes. But remember you cannot claim ownership of them.

Flickr Creative Commons provides access to all Flickr photos sorted by license. When searching remember to select 'public domain' to find images that don't require attribution.

PDPics provides public domain images taken by their in-house team of photographers. All free without attribution.

Remember, that photo at the top of this post? You can't use that. It belongs to Leslie May, Founder of Pawsible Marketing; and it is not allowed to be shared, copied, utilized or amended unless provided with permission of use and approval.

To learn more about what photos you are allowed to use and which photos you are not, refer to our blog post and learn more about copyright issues and image use.

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  1. I love using my own photos, but sometimes, it really takes a high quality stock image to perfectly illustrate a blog post. Great sources, I haven't seen some of these before!



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