Dog walkers against crime!

Here's a great idea from the WROC in Rochester....

Reported by: Jecoliah Ellis
A small group of people in one Rochester’s South Wedge neighborhood are getting together to fight crime. The group is fighting crime the best way they know how: walking their dogs. "Having a dog is like having an unloaded gun. It's kind of a form of protection and people don't mess with you when they see a big dog with you," said John Chajka.

John says they got the idea when suspicious men were circling the neighborhood. "Some guys were checking out our house and they came up to the porch and our puppy just went up to the window and started barking at them and they ran right away haven't seen them ever since," said Chajka.

Kristin Ault says she too feels safe when in the presence of their Mastiff Great Dane “Kaya”. Together they walk in crime ridden streets. "What I really want to see is everyone when they're out walking their dogs just be aware of what's going on to watch and to look around," said Ault.

Kristin says neighbors should report anything suspicious to the Neighborhood Empowerment Team or Rochester Police. "There's so many great neighborhoods in Rochester that could benefit from this because I'm very sure most residents are sick of the crime," said Ault.

Ben Munson walks his Chocolate Lab “Veruca” as often as he can. He says its a way to know what's going on in his neighborhood. "Dog Walkers tend to be out and seeing things in the community and seeing activity so it just kind of keeps the presence out," said Munson.

Kristin hopes those who may be up to no good get the message. "It's really just showing people we're done with crime in the South Wedge," said Ault.

The neighbors call themselves Dog Walkers Against Crime. They would like others to join them on their journey. The group meets on Tuesday evenings at 6 o’clock at the Marie Daley Park on Gregory Street. For more information log onto

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