Today is Take Your Dog To Work Day!

Happy Take Your Dog To Work Day!

At Pawsible Marketing, we are very, very lucky that our pups get to come to work with us everyday!

Johann and Gracie, and their kittie bros, Wolfie and Wiggy, all come to the office everyday. They play, they lounge, they take dog and cat naps, they make me take much needed breaks and get exercise, they are amazing at reducing stress and making me laugh, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Cosmo, Rhonda Abrams' dog wrote an article today for USAToday on 'What your dog can teach you about your business.' Be sure and check it out...she has some great tips and ideas that your dog can help you learn about life and business.

Pet Sitters International, the TYDTWDay sponsor believes that through TYDTWDay, people without dogs will see the loving bond their co-workers have with their pets and will consider adopting orphaned pets for their own.

Studies show that pets in the workplace boost employee morale, productivity and even sales! TYDTWDay is a great public relations opportunity and lots of fun. Participation in TYDTWDay helps save the lives of homeless shelter animals all over the country!

Stop by and visit the Take Your Dog to Work website, learn more, enter a great "at work" photo contest, listen to the "Gotta Take Your Dog to Work" song, check out the top 10 list of things to convince your boss to participate in TYDTWDay, see the top 10 dog friendly companies, view the list of 7 successful ways to have a great TYDTWDay, and more!

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