It's Take Your Dog to Work Day!

Today is Take Your Dog to Work Day, so I've put Johann to work :) I am grateful and thankful that I have work that allows me to be with my fur kids all day, everyday.

Created in 1999, Take Your Dog To Work Day celebrates the great companions dogs make and to encourage their adoption from humane societies, animal shelters and breed rescue clubs. This annual event encourages employers to experience the value of pets in their workplace for this one special day to promote pet adoptions.

We hope some of you get to experience this once a year event, like we do every day of the week!

Oh, and Johann? Make sure you get that "TPS Report" in by the end of the day :)

Happy day, everyone!


  1. Johann looks good on that photo in front of a laptop. By the way, belated Take Your Dog to Work Day.



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