What's new at Pawsible Marketing?

A lot has been going on at Pawsible Marketing over the past few weeks. We've signed over ten new clients to our new Marketing Coaching Service, and we're excited about working with these new, innovative, established and start-up companies.

The feedback we are receiving about the new Marketing Coaching Service from our current and new clients is overwhelmingly positive. It seems to be a perfect fit for the small to medium sized pet business during the current economic slowdown.

We've added a fan page to Facebook, so be sure and fan us if you're on FB. We're sharing information and news we find about the pet industry. And, we've opened a discussion area where you can share your favorite marketing tip, network with other pet business owners, ask those nagging marketing questions and more.

Don't forget that we're on Twitter. It's a great place to reach your target audience, and to meet and network with other businesses that can be beneficial to your pet business. On our Pawsible Marketing's Twitter we're sharing a lot of good information and news that will help you keep up on the pet industry. And, we are sharing tips and tricks for that can improve your websites, blogs, social media interaction and more; all designed to help you market your business the most effectively.

So what's been going on with the pets that are part of the Pawsible Marketing team?

Johann and Gracie have been busy testing some super cool pet products - everything from toys, green cleaning products, wholesome treats and more. Wolfie and Wiggy got a surprise the other day when one of our clients sent us a cool kitty toy. They've been having a blast playing with it in the middle of the night, keeping us all on our toes.

We excited that Johann and JohannTheDog.com will be a feature story in the upcoming September/October issue of Dog Sport Magazine. We hope to be sharing that article with you in the next month or so.

I've been doing several interviews lately for our new launch of RaiseAGreenDog.com, appearing on AnimalTalkRadio, and Wendy's Animal Talk. The blog has also been featured on several popular Green Blogs lately, including Ecoki. And a big giveaway is in the works with the Sundance Channel.

That's it for now. Let us know what you've been up to! And, feel free to contact me to discuss your pet business marketing needs. I'm always happy to share my thoughts and ideas about how I may be able to help you increase business, enhance your brand, and connect most effectively with your current and potential clients.

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