How to find Twitter followers for your pet business.

Finding Twitter followers is easy, just click to follow. But finding the right followers takes a bit of work.

Who are the right followers? They are the ones that may purchase from your website, help you get those pets adopted, engage in your service and become potential customers, current customers, media (magazines, radio, TV, newspapers, etc.) and those that you can network with to help you build your business, like other stores, bloggers, distributors and wholesalers.

So how do you find the right followers?

Twitter lists is a great way to start. On each Twitter profile you can see other Twitter followers have listed that Tweeter on a list. For pet related businesses, I've seen lists of dogs, lists of stores, media, distributors, cats and lots more. Check out those lists as a great first step in finding new followers.

For those looking for Twitter followers in your area or city, here are a few great sites to help you search on terms related to your pet business locally.
You can also do a basic search in Twitter, searching for terms related to your business and location.

Remember, screen those you are interested in following by answering these questions and you will be more successful in connecting with your pet business audience on Twitter.
  1. Do they actively tweet?
  2. Are they interactive tweeters?
  3. Do they usually follow back those that follow them?
Good luck and happy Tweeting!

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  1. I am a dog walker/pet sitter and my web designer,, helped me get twitter followers by designing my website and putting the twitter widget on my site. Basically the followers will come especially when you make friends with others with the same interest.



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