How to keep your pet business social media friends, fans and followers.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media sites are great to help you market and promote your pet business. And you work hard to build your fans, followers and friends on these social media sites.

But the two big questions are:

- How can I keep my fans and followers?
- How do I actively engage with them, so that when they are ready to buy, they think of my pet business?

There is no doubt that connecting with social media fans and followers can build your business. But you need to engage and remain top of mind with them to fully reap the advantages that these great communication tools can have for your pet business.

There is a fine line to walk to keep fans and followers happy, engaged and interacting. To give you some help in this area, here are the top five reasons people unfollow on Facebook and Twitter according to SmartBrief:

They asked the question: "What causes you to unfollow an individual or a business on social networks?" And here are the answers.
  • Their over-communication gets overwhelming — 44.81%
  • The don’t add value to my day with their irrelevant postings — 36.79%
  • They only talk about themselves or act irresponsibly toward their audience — 9.91%
  • They are not open to feedback, two-way dialogue or user-generated content — 5.19%
  • They under-communicate or may not be active for weeks/months at a time — 3.30%
You can see that it takes a balance to engage and keep connected with your fans and followers.

I have a rule that I share with my clients. It's an 80-20 rule:
  • 80% of the time bring value to your fans and followers - share fun, entertaining, engaging and thought provoking content related to your pet business to add to their daily life.
  • 20% of the time promote your product or service in an engaging way.
By creating a balance of sharing information, tweets, videos, photos, links to articles, and other pet related content; along with product/service promotion with your fan/follower base you can learn a lot about what your customers and potential customers like and dislike over time.

The key then is to find the perfect balance between valuable content and product promotion to create an engaging atmosphere and become a trusted and respected resource for your customers and potential customers. This keeps your business top of mind, and when those fans and followers are ready to buy, they will remember your pet business!

Happy networking!

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