How to get notifications for your pet business Facebook page.

Having a Facebook business page for your pet business is a great marketing tool! I have three of them for all three of my brands.

Checking the page throughout the day can be time consuming, but it's important not to miss any messages or comments that your 'likers' have left, to keep in close contact with your prospects and customers.

One of the features that Facebook hasn't implemented yet is notifications when someone posts or comments on your Facebook page. Some call it 'the feature Facebook forgot.'

The other day I came across a third-party application that does provide notifications to your email inbox when someone posts to your page or comment. It's called Hyper Alerts.

I tested it out the other day. Went to the website, created an account, added in my three Facebook page urls, sat back and waited for notifications to come to my email box. Quickly I found that it wasn't working.

After a bit of research I found out why. I made the changes and now I'm getting those valuable notifications. What was the glitch? I used my vanity url when imputing into their system, when I needed to input the original url.

If you have a vanity url, how do you find your original url? Well, it wasn't easy, but here are the instructions to make it easy for you:

1. Type out the following: name of your page here)/

2. Then hover over the image of your facebook page, right click and paste the url it into notepad or some similar program. Copy and paste the id number (just the number) from that url and paste it in at the end of the url that you just typed.

It should look something like this (only with the name of your page and your id number):

3. Open another tab and insert your url and make sure it directs to your page. If it does, you are ready to go.

I went back into the Hyper Alerts system and changed the url's of all my Facebook pages and now I'm happy to say I am getting notices when someone posts or comments on my Facebook business pages!

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