Basic site info some pet businesses miss to help them fully market their products and services.

Many pet business websites, blogs, social media sites, emails and and other marketing tools I've seen over the years are missing some very basic, yet highly important, info for their potential and current customers, partners, distributors, and wholesalers.

Hopefully the following info doesn't apply to your pet business sites, but it's always good to do a quick review of some basics, right? So here I go:

#1 - Believe it or not the number one item I see missing from pet business sites is their location. If you have a website, social media site, blog or send out email newsletters, be sure and add in all your contact info to the site or newsletter, so interested prospects and customers can easily contact you, or at least know if you are in an area that can serve them.

I also believe it's important to have your phone number and email address available to them as well, not just a form on your site. Make it easy for those interested in your products and/or services to contact you if they need. If they have trouble figuring out how to contact you, how will they trust you to provide great products and services?

#2 - The second item I see very frequently is pet business website urls missing from the front page of their Facebook page. Why not make it easy for those that 'like' and are thinking of 'liking' your Facebook page to check out your site and review what you offer?

There is a perfect location on every Facebook business page, just under the page's main image, that allows you to add your url (example:, so that it is clickable and readily available to anyone who would be interested in visiting your site and learning more about your products and services.

You can alter this information in the edit section of your FB page. Same rules apply for Twitter too. Make sure you have a nice description of your business and a link to your url on your Twitter page/profile.

#3 - And the third item I see pet business missing is a clear and simple statement of what they provide (either products or services) featured very prominently on the front page of their website. When prospects and customers visit your website, make it easy for them to fully understand what your business does and provides.

#4 - My number four 'pet peeve' is not having contact information in regular emails that you send out to communicate with your prospects, customers, distributors, wholesalers and partners. Again, make it super simple for interested parties to contact you and learn more about your sites, products and services. Be sure and add in your name, website address, FB and Twitter urls, phone number, email address, city and state in the signature of your email. And add a nice logo graphic for punch too, keep that branding going.

Remember, all these 'marketing tools' can and will help you build your business, you just need to utilize them properly and to their maximum effectiveness. Now go check your sites!


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