Video marketing for your pet business.

Super Bowl advertising is fascinating to me. Companies pay very big bucks to get noticed during the big event.

With ads in the neighborhood of $3M for a 30-sec spot, utilizing dogs (and other animals) in commercials, campaigns and various advertising and marketing programs during the Super Bowl, isn't new.

Budweiser has done it for years.

This year's Super Bowl commercials didn't disappoint in utilizing dogs and other animals to engage with potential customers. I saw several companies jumping on the dog bandwagon to help them promote their products and services.

Beyond sponsoring this year's Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet, Suburu encouraged dog lovers to get out and exercise during the big day, by holding the Subaru Game Day Dog Walk Event; and foregoing traditional advertising spots during the Super Bowl.

Participants pledged to walk their four-legged friend on game day and receive a free doggy gift pack from Subaru. They also promoted their involvement with the ASPCA. As part of the promotion, they had some very fun and unique videos on YouTube, highlighting the fact their Suburu's are 'dog tested.'

Last year, Doritos held a very popular contest to promote their brand. This year they teamed with Pepsi to hold Crash The Super Bowl, a video contest to find a winner for the commercial that aired during the Super Bowl. This year's finalist featured a pug, crashing his owner to get to some Doritos. And who can forget last year's Doritos finalist featuring a dog avenging with a dog shock collar.

And Budweiser didn't let us down with their popular Dog Sitter Super Bowl Commercial this year for Bud Light. Those are some talented pups!

You don't need a $3M budget to utilize dogs (or other animals) in videos, advertising and other marketing programs to promote your product, service or business. Some of the best viral videos I've seen on YouTube were made with an inexpensive HD video camera and a dog (or a cat or other animal).

One thing that all these videos have in common is a great little story featuring an animal and a product or service.

Tell a 'laugh out loud' funny, or 'tug at the heart strings' heart-warming, story and you can increase your chances of making your video go viral.

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