Facebook Pages gets a new look and some great new features

Yesterday Facebook rolled out some new changes to Facebook Pages, and we're seeing some significant improvement! The changes to Facebook Pages is now mirroring the changes made recently to personal profile pages.

The first and most noticeable change to Facebook Pages is the addition of images at the top of the page. With this addition, there are some fun and informative things you can do with this section. Take a look at one of our experiments on Pawsible Marketing's FB page. We've added some informative images about what services we provide to pet businesses. (Click the image to increase the size).

Missing from the Facebook Page now is the information section on the left sidebar. So we added some information to our main graphic image/logo to help individuals learn more about our company at a quick glance.

Another big and welcome change is the addition of email notifications when someone posts to your FB page wall or adds a comment. To make sure you receive these notifications, navigate to the 'your settings' section in edit mode and make sure the box is checked to receive notifications.

Facebook Page admins can also 'like' and post on other pages as your page (business or brand). As an example, as admin for Pawsible Marketing's FB page, I could navigate to Johann The Dog's FB page and as long as I 'liked' that page, I could leave a comment as Pawsible Marketing, and that comment will show up in Pawsible Marketing's dedicated News Feed. I can just as easily switch back to leaving a comment as an individual.

Another great addition is the ability to change the category of your page, if you had selected the wrong category when setting up the page originally.

Facebook explains the difference between the 'Everyone' and 'Page Posts Only Tab' as part of your Wall feed:
Page admins can select between an "Everyone" and a Page posts only default tab for the wall. Instead of showing a reverse chronological stream of posts, the Everyone tab shows users posts Facebook thinks will be the most relevant. Recent posts by friends, posts by other users in same language or country, and posts that have received a lot of Likes and comments will bubble to the top.
The option to upgrade became available yesterday. We hear you have until March 10th to take a tour of the change, as that is when the change will become automatic.

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