The three key elements needed to run a successful pet business.

Running a business isn't easy. There is always a lot to do...emails to be read and sent, phone calls to make, accounting to take care of, taxes, inventory, sales, marketing, shipping,'s all never ending.

Why do we do it? Because it's rewarding, pure and simple!

We get a lot of joy and pleasure in helping people enjoy their pets, don't we?

With all we have to do day in and day out, I like to look at my tasks in three categories - Finding, Minding and Grinding (and sometimes Binding :). Yes, I know these terms have been around awhile, but I like to keep them top of mind at all times, so that I don't let any part of my business slide.

Let's look at them one by one and why they are important parts of running your pet business:

Grinding - yes, these are the grinding, grunt work tasks, but they are just as important as the other categories of tasks. If it weren't for grinding away at the everyday tasks, your business wouldn't run efficiently and effectively. These tasks can be keeping your accounting in order, answering emails, stocking inventory, shipping, even keeping your computers running well, backed up, and virus free.

Minding - these jobs are the jobs that keep the customers happy. It can be the job of pet sitting, talking with those that purchase your products including direct customers and distributors. These can sometimes be the most rewarding part of our jobs, it's when we get to talk with those we serve, connect with them, and help their pets.

Finding - this job seems to be one of the most difficult for many of my clients. It's the job that's charged with finding new customers and clients. It takes a certain personality to convince and win over an individual to create a long term client relationship. This is the category that marketing and marketing strategy comes into play.

Binding - in all companies small or large making sure that all the 'pieces' fit together; whether those pieces are Grinding, Minding or Finding related. It's also what creates the glue that holds the big picture together.

All of these jobs are very important to running a successful pet business or any business, whether it be large or small. All the work that each of these people contribute is key to a well oiled machine; and if you have a one person operation each of these jobs is just as important as the other and all need to work together for the success of your pet business.

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