How to back up your pet business blog.

Whether you have a Google Blogger blog, or a Wordpress blog, backing up is a very important part of blog maintenance.

Just as you would backup your computer files on a regular basis, you need to also schedule regular backups for your blog (and it's also a good idea to back up your entire website regularly, as well).

Here is how to back up a Blogger blog in three easy steps.
  1. Login and click on the 'Settings' tab. Under the 'Basics' tab, click on 'Export Blog.' (this will automatically download your blog back up (posts, comments, etc.) .xml file into your download folder.
  2. Once that file is downloaded, go to your 'Design' tab and click on the 'Edit HTML' tab, then click on 'Download Full Template' which will back up the template part of your blog, also an .xml file.
  3. Save those files (and back them up) in a safe folder on your computer.
Problogger gives some excellent instructions to back up your Wordpress blog. Here are their instructions through a guest post on backing up your wordpress blog by Jason Tarasi.
Step One:

Go and download the “Word Press Database Backup” plugin here.

Step Two:

Install the plugin on your blog.

Step Three:

Set the plugin to your desired specifications. It really is quite straightforward to setup, but you can always refer to the plugin documentation for help.

There is one other way that I back up my Blogger blogs, since I completely believe in redundancy. I use, it's free, easy to use and allows not only backup to blogs, but Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and more.

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