Timing is everything!

A couple of days after the 4th of July weekend I saw a post on Facebook promoting an anxiety wrap and how great they are for dogs during fireworks...my first thought?

Timing is everything!

When should a store, manufacturer or service provider promote items or services related to the 4th of July? Starting a minimum of two weeks before the holiday (to provide enough time that potential customers can purchase, receive and/or reserve their item or service).

But ideally, it would be much more effective to begin a larger promotion with a giveaway, or contest three to four weeks before the holiday to take full advantage and take great lengths to connect and engage with potential and current customers, and really promote the product or service for increased sales.

Timing is everything...from when you send out your email newsletter, to start and end your promotions, to when you send out a press release...all of these things can be so much more effective if well planned, well thought out, and executed meticulously, effectively and efficiently.

It's the difference between being successful and just plugging along.

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