Facebook alert: Will your Facebook personal page be deleted?

Facebook is on a mission to clean up their site. And that means they will be deleting all personal accounts that are fake.

What does this mean for your Facebook page?

Hopefully nothing if you've followed Facebook's terms of service and created a Facebook Page for your pet business, product, service, pet or pet personality.

But if you are still utilizing a Facebook personal page to represent your pet business, product, service, or pet and that personal page doesn't represent you as an individual, or if you use a personal page as a cross posting account, then most probably your Facebook personal page will be deleted.

Learn more about how you can convert your Facebook personal page that you've been utilizing for business to a Facebook business page. But remember, you will loose all your content, but can keep your personal page friends as 'likers' of your new Facebook Page.

If you need help in establishing a Facebook program, feel free to contact us for a free 30 minute evaluation and discussion about how we can help your pet business be more successful.

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