Why fonts are important to your pet business brand.

Your website, marketing materials, shelf talkers, POP displays, packaging...they all have fonts; fonts that represent your brand.

So why is the font you choose important?

It needs to convey the same exact feeling, thoughts and emotion as your product or service brand. One of the most important ways you can do that is through the fonts you use with all your marketing materials.

Let's take a humorous example...

The font used on the top paper is Comic Sans. While Sans Serif fonts are great to use and easy to read, Comic Sans gives you the feeling of frivolity, lightness, humor...and really isn't right for this occasion which is more serious in nature. And the bottom sign is correct, Comic Sans may be perfect for a Lemonade Stand, but not for a Fortune 500 company.

Interestingly, researchers Hyunjin Song and Norbert Schwarz have found that easier to read fonts convey that the task is easier to do, vs a harder to read font implies that the task is more difficult and time consuming.  So if you want your potential customers to act, make the font easy to read and simple for the most effective action.

Your brand should convey some fun and ease, especially when working in the pet industry. And yet, they should be easy to read, respectful, flow nicely from one font to the other and make it simple for prospective and current customers to understand your brand, your product/service, and your expectations quickly and easily.

If you need help in a powerful brand look and feel, contact us for a free 30 minute evaluation and discussion about how we can help your pet business be more successful.

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