Where you can find free fonts for your pet business marketing.

With our last post we talked about the important of font selection to your brand and conveying your message to your customers and prospective customers.

But how do you find unique, up-to-date, stylish, easy to read font to represent your brand?

Here is a nice list of places where you can find free fonts that will fit most any situation.

Google Web Fonts - one of my favorite, and simplest, place to find new and popular fonts.
DaFonts - includes free, free with donation and fonts for purchase.
1001FreeFonts - includes an extensive list of free fonts, some great, some not so great; be selective.
Fonts2U - a great selection categorized by subject.

Remember these tips - utilize fonts that are:
  • Easy to read.
  • Convey the same emotional response as your brand, product/service, as well as the message you are presenting.
  • The most popular and easy to read fonts fall into the Sans Serif font category.
  • When utilizing fonts for the web, make certain they can be read across all browsers and via mobile.
And for a little fun, hear what the most popular fonts may sound like if they could speak - it may give you an idea of the emotion that individuals feel when they see these fonts.

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