What you can learn from your pet business market with Facebook's new page insights

Last week Facebook announced new page insights for Facebook page managers. And this week it's being rolled out.

While the previous FB page insights was fairly helpful in getting to know your audience, the new insights are much more in depth and helpful. Let's take a look at what you can learn about your pet business market through your Facebook page insights:

Overview Tab

When you click on the 'Check out the new Page insights' button on your admin panel, the first page you see is the overview page. The overview page shows you a snapshot of Page Likes, Post Reach, Engagement and recent post data for the past seven days. You have the ability to click on each section to dig a little deeper into your data and change time frames.

Page Tab 

Page Likes:

The Page Likes insight page outlines information about those who have liked your page, defaulting to approximately 30 days of data, with a handy slide that allows you to increase the time frame. Scrolling down you can see a breakdown of those likes including if they were through organic traffic or paid traffic, as well as unlikes. Scrolling a bit more you can see how consumers/individuals found you to like your page, whether it be from ads/sponsored stories, on your page directly, through page suggestions from others, or via mobile devices.

Post Reach:

While on the Page Likes tab you can click the next tab to see Post Reach which will show you how many people saw your posts and check virality; likes, comments and shares of posts overall; how many have unliked or hid your page because of a post, and the number of people who saw any activity from your page including posts, posts by other people, page like ads, mentions, and checkins.

Page Visits:

On this tab within the Page Tab section of FB insights you can see how many times various tabs or the timeline of your page was viewed, the number of actions individuals took that involved your page, and the external referrers to your FB page.

Post Tab:

All Posts:

The post tab contains some very valuable information at a glance about what individuals like about your page and your individual posts including what posts are more popular in reach and engagement as compared with other posts on your page.

When your Fans are Online:

This tab is key to helping you understand when your page likers are online by showing the average number of people who saw any posts on Facebook in an hour. All my pet business related FB pages have a peak online time of 9 PM ET.

Best Post Types:

This tab showcases which type of posts are more popular than others including video, links, and photos by showing clicks, likes and comments. Additionally, you can click on each individual post and see more insights related to that specific post.

People Tab:

Your Fans:

The Your Fans Tab showcases demographics of your FB audience and compares the people who like your Page with everyone on Facebook to understand what makes your audience unique. The overall demographics of several of my, and my clients, pages range from 80-90% women, with the primary age range between 24-60 years of age; whereas FB primary audience is between the ages of 25-35. Scrolling down you can also see the primary countries and cities of your audience.

People Reach:

This tab can help you better understand if you are reaching your main target audience by showcasing the people you are reaching on FB, as well as help you understand if you are reaching additional and secondary target audiences for your pet business. For example: in testing a variety of promotions we've been seeking to reach a younger audience on several of my FB pages. This data has allowed me to better understand if these promotions have been successful or need to be adjusted.

People Engaged:

This tab showcases much of what is indicated in people reach, however it takes it a step further to showcase engagement data, in addition to reach data.

What does all this tell you about your pet business consumer and how you can best market to your current and prospective customer audience?

From this data you can tell what type of individuals are interested in what you have to offer and more, including:
  • Gender of your audience
  • Target age range
  • What devices are most popular with your audience
  • Which FB promotions, ads or sponsored stories are more popular than others
  • How individuals are finding your FB page
  • When your likers are online
  • What types of posts are more interesting to your audience than others
  • Locations of FB audience you are targeting
These items can help you better market your pet business product or service by:
  • Targeting specific gender and age ranges
  • Targeting advertisements on specific preferred devices of your audiences
  • How your audience prefers to be communicated with
  • If your ads and sponsored stories are working for your benefit and how you may be able to improve them
  • Understand when to post during peak times of the day when your audience is most online on Facebook
  • Gain knowledge of what types of content your audience prefers
  • Help you understand if you are reaching your target audience, as well as expanding your reach to up and coming younger audiences that will become increasingly important in your future marketing efforts
The only thing I still see missing from FB page insights is data that indicates what other interests my pet business clients FB audience have, as in what other FB pages they like by category. This would be helpful in expanding expanding my clients FB audience targeting to up and coming prospective consumers.

As you can see the Facebook new Page Insights can really help you in marketing your pet business. Dive in and get educated!

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