Free photo tips and image editors to help you market your pet business.

Images are a big part of your pet business marketing. At least they should be!

From Facebook images, images on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and on your website; high quality, simple images that get your idea across, and wow your audience, is key in getting noticed with your pet business customers and potential customers.

I'm a big fan of photography...have been for years. I take well over 20 or more photos of my dogs and cats on a daily basis. I keep my camera and my smartphone handy all the time, because you never know when I can capture a great photo of my pets that I can use to market my businesses. I have a library of well over 5,000 photos of my dogs and cats that I can pull from whenever I need. And you should too!

I took these two photos...the first one with my Smartphone of Gracie outside near our cabin, and the second one I took with my simple point and shoot camera of YoYo taking a rest while I work in my office.

But you don't have to be a professional photographer to get some great shots that you can use to market your pet business. Candid, interesting, clean and in focus shots are very popular now with websites and social media. And this makes it easier for you.

Not too long ago, my dog, YoYo (Johann) wrote a great article (with my help of course) about how to take great photos of your pets. Visit his Squidoo lens to get some great ideas to help make your photos pop!

And if you are looking for some quick and easy photo editing methods and tools, here is a quick list of free online image editors that can make your job easier:

  • Pixlr - a free image editor that is browser based with no software download needed. It's the best free Adobe Photoshop like editor available.
  • PicMonkey - PicMonkey is a web app that also includes some fun photo editing with Instagram-like filters.
  • Fotor - An online image editor that is similar to PicMonkey, and boosts a wide selection of filters to help make your images stand out (but don't overdo the filters, K)

Happy photo taking and editing!


  1. Thanks for these - I use Picmonkey and didn't know about Pixlr!

  2. Thanks for these - I use Picmonkey and didn't know about Pixlr!



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