Why do your potential or current customers fan your pet business Facebook page?

In a recent study by Syncapse, they asked the question, 'Why Do Consumers Become Facebook Brands Fans?'

They applied a valuation model to 20 major brands across various consumer categories and found that the 'average value of a brand Fan has increased 28% since our 2010 study.' These top brands, had well over 15 million Fans, and more.

In their study they explored what motivates consumers to "Like" or "Fan" a brand, and discovered that 'a majority of Fans are most motivated by emotional and relationship influences, with 49% stating a desire "to support a brand I like" as a reason for becoming a Fan, followed by transactional offers and incentives came second, with 42% of Fans choosing to like a page "to get a coupon or discount.'

You can see from this, and unscientific studies that we've done over the past few years, that you need to connect emotionally with your pet business Facebook fan base, while building a close relationship in order to see ROI results from your Facebook social media.

To learn more about how you can connect closely with your pet business social media prospects and customers, contact us for a free 30 minute consultation to learn how Pawsible Marketing can help you market your pet business.

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