10 great ideas for posting on social media to get your pet business the attention it deserves.

I get a lot of questions from pet businesses about how to grow their Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ fan base, how to engage their audience and most importantly increase sales.

It's not easy to come up with creative, engaging ideas of posts to share to accomplish the above tasks.

So we're sharing today some of our top ideas:

Post a recipe

One of the posts I find most engaging for my audiences on my dog sites are recipes, whether for humans or for dogs, cats, ferrets, horses and more. This type of post is one of my favorites for building a fan base.

Post a fun cartoon

But remember, don't just find any cartoon on Google images and repost it. Do it right and don't violate copyright laws....find your favorite cartoon site (like we did with Off The Leash) on Facebook and share images from their site, giving them full credit.

Post a wise saying or a quote

People love sharing quotes that speak to them with their audiences allowing you to be exposed to a much wider audience than your present fan base.

Make a book recommendation

Whether it's dog, cat, ferret, horse, snake (or more) related, share some of your favorite reads with your readers. Pet lovers love to purchase based on recommendations.

Wish your fans a happy holiday

But remember, make it personal as we did here with my dog YoYo. Your fans will love getting to know you and your furry friends.

Celebrate company milestones

Get a new distributor? Make a deal with a big pet store? Earn an industry award? These are just a few of the key company milestones your fans would love to hear about your pet business. Don't be shy about bragging.

Celebrate fun days with your fans

There are a lot of holidays dedicated to our four legged friends. Share the celebration with your fans in a fun, engaging and interesting way.

Re-purpose relevant content

A lot of the blog posts you've written over the years may still be relevant today. But many of your fans may not have known about that wonderful, educational and entertaining blog post. Feel free to re-purpose some of your relevant content from years ago.

Participate in some of the fun #HashTag events

Nearly every day there is some type of pet related hash tag event...from #MeowMonday to #TongueTuesday to #WoofWednesday (or #HumpDay) and lots more. Feel free to share in the fun and engage your readers with a great photo, promote a pet in need of adoption, and more.

Hold contests

Holding contests on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and more can be great fan base increasers. Just be sure that you follow each sites rules on how you are allowed to institute contests for your fans.

These few ideas that should give you some fuel for your social media fire.

For more ideas, feel free to contact us to discuss how we may work together to make your social media program achieve the ROI you want and need.

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