Tools coming for Instagram pet business marketers and advertisers.

Instagram is quickly becoming one of the hottest social media sites. If you're not on Instagram as a pet business, I highly recommend it.

The popular social media site recently announced it will be instituting key brand business tools for the marketer and advertiser to provide insights and value to brands.

There will be three main tools according to Instagram:

1. Account insights will allow businesses to see how they’re increasing brand awareness on Instagram through impressions, reach, and engagement and will look somewhat like this:

2. Another coming addition will be ad insights that show the performance of paid campaigns with brand analytics (impressions, reach, and frequency) for each individual ad delivered to the target audience; and will look like this:

3. And thirdly, ad staging will allow advertisers and their creative teams to preview, save, and collaborate on ad creative for upcoming campaigns.

With these new tools pet business will be able to monitor their posts and campaigns by seeing and evaluating information on time of day reach, overall reach, impressions, and engagement, consequently gaining a better understanding of how their target audience is responding to their sponsored photos.

These features will roll out to Instagram marketers and advertisers over the next few weeks and months, so keep an eye out.

I now leave you with a little of my dog YoYo (Johann) on Instagram....enjoy!

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