A little known Instagram trick that will drive traffic to your pet business website.

If you use Instagram to help market your pet business, you are probably aware that when you post there isn't an option to add a click-able link in your Instagram post that could potential drive traffic to your website and potentially increase sales.

But one thing you can do to help drive more traffic and utilize Instagram further as the wonderful potential marketing tactic is to do what Mashable has been doing for several months with good results.

Every time you post on Instagram, add a message to your post to remind individuals to click the link in your profile for more information. Then customize the link in your profile to a tiny url (utilizing Bit.ly or your own tinyurl) to drive traffic to specific related information on your website or blog.

You can see an example from Mashable here:

It seems that Mashable is seeing a good amount of increased traffic to their site through this method. And, it could be a great marketing idea for your pet business as well.

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