Leslie May featured in new book about Entrepreneurial Women

Along with Oprah, Martha Stewart, Rachael Ray and Lillian Vernon, Leslie May, founder of Pawsible Marketing, is included as a contributor and highlighted in a new book, Entrepreneurial Women: New Management and Leadership Models, available on Amazon and Google Books.

In the chapter, 'You Are What You Brand,' author Louise Kelly reviews the history of personal and individual branding beginning with Lillian Vernon in the 1950's, through Oprah and Martha Stewart today, and explores the downside of creating a personal brand with the individual as the 'face' and the name of the brand.

Kelly highlights Leslie May as the creator of a brand that is positioned as an extension of the individual, rather than the individual herself, and why this positioning will help the company evolve and grow beyond the individual.

Entrepreneurial Women: New Management and Leadership Models explores how women everywhere are empowering themselves socially and economically through entrepreneurship and business ownership. The work draws on empirical studies, data sets, case studies, and descriptions of career trajectories to portray the realities of women entrepreneurs today.

Author Dr. Louise Kelly is a professor of Strategy at the School of Management at Alliant International University in San Diego, California. She has a PhD in Strategic Management from Concordia University, Montreal. She specializes in international strategic entrepreneurship research- looking at top management team leadership, from a social networks perspective,

Read more excerpts from the book.

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